Hosting a Dry Wedding? Why You Still Need a Bartender

It’s important to think about drinks for your wedding, but what if you’re planning on having a dry wedding? You can still have a bartender serve nonalcoholic beverages and create a familiar and interactive environment. Your bartender can also help you decide how much of each beverage to supply. Read ahead to see why you still need a bartender for your dry wedding.


Serving Refreshments

Having a dry wedding doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare refreshments of any kind for your guests—they should just be free of alcohol. Since you’ll still need someone to serve water, soda, and any other beverages you choose for your big day, it’s wise to hire a bartender. Your bartender can ensure that everyone at your event is taken care of promptly and professionally.


Creating an Atmosphere

Many people find the bar type of atmosphere relaxing. In this case, some of your guests might feel more comfortable and relaxed even if there is no alcohol in the drinks that the bartender serves. Bartenders are also excellent at carrying on conversations with strangers, which can be a great asset for people who don’t know many of the other attendees of your wedding.


Helping with Planning

Whether you’re stocking up on wine or soda, you need to know how much you should get. Planning for a big event like a wedding can be difficult in this respect if you have never done it before, but your professional bartender can help. He or she can help you decide how much of any given beverage you should order for your wedding.


Just because your wedding won’t have alcohol doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a bartender. If you are in need of a quality bartender for your big day, feel free to contact Professional Bartenders Unlimited or head over to our website. You can also call us at (520) 721-1577 to learn all about our services.