When to Shake and When to Stir a Cocktail

Some people are particular with their drinks, and others will drink whatever is around. If you want to make a good impression to both types of people, it helps to know how to prepare the drink properly. Keep reading to find out when to shake and when to stir a cocktail.

When to Shake

Cocktail shaker isolated on white

The reason you’d want to shake a mixed drink is to change its texture while combining the ingredients. This is perfect for cocktails with cream or fruit juices, as these types of ingredients can become frothy. Carbonated mixers like sodas, on the other hand, aren’t the best for this mixing technique. If you want your cocktail to taste and feel like a fruity smoothie, shaking is the way to go.


When to Stir

If you are the all-business type, you might be more interested in a stirred drink. Stirring won’t break up any of the ice in the drink, and it won’t create air bubbles. You would probably want to stir a drink like a Manhattan that is made with purely alcoholic ingredients. Don’t stir rapidly all at once, though; instead, stir with a long spoon and then wait to let the ingredients settle. Then you can stir again and strain the drink into a glass.


When to Do Neither

Sometimes, like when you’re working with carbonated ingredients that shouldn’t be disturbed too much, you shouldn’t shake or stir. In some cases, you should even break the shaking and stirring rules, but that’s only if the customer has a request to do so.


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