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Our Mission is to give you, the client, the highest level of service in order to meet your special needs when planning a special event. Let Professional Bartenders Unlimited save you from any worries you might encounter when dealing with your particular function. We offer free detailed price quotes for any function, event planning, and a full line of portable bars and bar rental equipment. So no matter how simple or specialized your next function may be, we can help you fulfill all your beverage needs in an efficient and professional manner.

  • Avoid having to serve drinks
  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • We have a proven record of safe and efficient beverage service
  • Safeguard what you’ve worked hard for
  • We have a quality reputation in our community for over 30 years
  • Honesty, integrity and hard work
  • The serving of alcoholic beverages is very important
  • Peace of mind
  • Your friends, family and clients deserve the best
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“I have had a personal and business relationship with Bill Netherton and professional Bartenders for over 25 years. He and his teams attention to detail are unmatched in their industry. We use Professional Bartenders for all of our corporate entertainment affairs, their attention to detail, quality of employees and level of service are unmatched in their industry.

I am such a proponent of Bill Netherton and professional Bartenders that I have used his services for personal parties including my own wedding many years ago.”

Cody Ritchie, Managing Partner, Crest Insurance Group

“Professional” is the EXACT word to use when referring to Bill Netherton and his team at Tucson Professional Bartenders.  The first thing you’ll notice is that Bill loves his business. He’ll tell you he’s the luckiest guy in the world.  He’s always smiling, enthusiastic, honest, and full of energy.  This attitude translates to his staff and it clearly shows.

His tagline, “Be a guest at your own party!” exemplifies his commitment to customer service.  I’ve experienced that feeling firsthand and it’s amazing. Simply put: This tagline IS Bill Netherton.

Therefore, if anyone is planning an event and wants it done right… call Bill because his team understands the meaning of the concept “To Serve… with a smile”.

Bert Williams, MAS, Williams and Associates 

“My husband and I have been working Professional Bartenders Unlimited since 1993, we began using them to facilitate all of the events we hosted in business and quickly made them a part of every event we host personally.  I have to say, after 22 years and too many events to count we have experienced nothing but SUPERIOR service all the way around.  Not only do they take the guesswork and the additional responsibilities associated with hosting an event off of our mind, their staff and commitment to the “customer experience” is BAR NONE! We have nothing but rave reviews from our guests about their team.   I proudly recommend Professional Bartenders Unlimited to clients and friends at any opportunity that presents itself.  I literally make a call and trust that the rest takes care of itself, I don’t know how they do it and I could not do it without them!  They feel like part of the family at this point in time!”

Erin Fitzgerald Jacobs, Senior Account Manager, Business Development
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The official starting date of professional bartenders unlimited, inc. Our very first event was for 400 people at Gates Leer Jet for the Aries Family who had just purchased their second leer jet.

...also in 1984... TETRIS was invented!
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This was a very special date as I had given notice to all of my current employers (I believe there were 3) that I was going to pursue my dream of working and growing professional bartenders unlimited on a full time basis. I’ve never looked back except to reflect and never forget my very humble beginnings.

...also, MP3 player is invented
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A surreal milestone in achieving 30 years in business and serving the Tucson community. Words just cant describe the pride and joy that I have.


William Netherton

..also Hoverboards