Professional Bartenders is a full service beverage catering company.

We own all of our own portable bars and bar rental equipment.

We only charge for any necessary equipment for your event. You will not be charged for any items that are not required.

Our goal is to ensure that your event is a complete success.

We can achieve this knowing that we have the exact equipment needed for your specific function.

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portable bar rental in Tucson

Portable Bar

$70 Per Item

We use a 5′ black Cambro portable bar, which are a standard in the hospitality industry. These bars look very classy but are built to ensure quality service for our clients and your guests! The amount of beverage stations and staff is based upon your group size. We require the use of a portable bar for groups of 50+, otherwise the use of a 6′ banquet table is sufficient.

Tucson banquet table rentals

6ft Banquet Table

$8 Per Item

Standard 6′ banquet tables are used to hold all product and/or any necessary glassware.

Table Drape (90 x 132")

$15 Per Item 

Our table drapes are 90×132, which fit a 6′ banquet table to the floor. Choices of color are black (neutral to coordinate with any color theme) or red (perfect for holiday and any festive themed events!).

Beverage Tubs

$5 Per Item

To chill all beverages such as beer, wine, champagne, sodas, water etc. We will provide you with the necessary amount of beverage tubs based on your group size.

portable bar rentals in Tucson

48qt Ice Chest

$5 Per Item

Our 48 qt ice chest are designed to store and transport all of the ice that is required for your event. Ice will be used for both cocktails/serving ice, in addition to ice that will be used to chill your product (ie. beer, wine, sparkling wine, sodas, water).

rent portable bars and beverage catering supplies in Tucson

Bar Caddy Box

$15 Per Item

Like any professional, the necessary tools are essential in order to perform at the highest possible level. Here is a list of the items that are included in the bar caddy box: all cocktail napkins and straws, bottle openers and corkscrews, martini shaker/strainer, pitchers, pour spouts, bar towels, garnish tray, and margarita salt.


Client Provided

While we do not provide any glassware rental, our resources page can direct you to a local party rental company that does.

We can easily provide you with specific quantities & various styles of glassware which are appropriate for select beverages.