Learn How Scotch Whisky Is Made

Scotch whisky is the perfect beverage for those who enjoy the finer things in life. In fact, this ancient drink is rooted in centuries of Scottish tradition. Since the 15th century, master distillers have been malting, fermenting, and distilling scotch whisky using tried and true methods. If you are thinking of serving whisky during catered bartending event, take a look at how this classic alcohol is made.

Malting and Mashing

The first step of making scotch whisky is to malt barley grains for several days. In order to achieve the correct level of malt, distillers must expose the grains to a steady level of heat for several days or longer. During the malting process, the barley releases its sugars and absorbs flavors from the malting floor. The malting stage is when scotch is provided with its distinctive, peaty aroma. At the end of the malting process, hot water is added so that the barley can be mashed into a product that is called wort.


After the barley has been transformed into wort, it will enter the fermentation phase. Special containers, which are known as washbacks, will house the wort for up to 48 hours. Fermentation allows the wort to pick up wild yeast particles that are floating in the air.


The final phase of the scotch whisky production process is known as distillation. In order to distill the wort into alcohol, the mashed substance must be washed and separated into solid and liquids. The liquid that is produced during washing will create the final beverage. After the distillate has been processed by a still, it will be placed into oak casks for its final aging.

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