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Understanding the Differences Between Bourbon and Rye

Bourbon and rye are popular staples in most bars, and there is a good chance your bartender has experience mixing up a variety of cocktails with each. These two spirits are similar and are both extremely popular in North America. However, they do have differences and generally shouldn’t be used interchangeably. Here is what you… Read more »

The Story Behind the Negroni

Negronis are classic cocktails that have survived changing tastes and fads in order to remain one of the most recognized drinks in history. It’s a good beverage to order when you want something unfussy and sophisticated and want to focus on taste instead of trends. If you hire a bartender for your party, putting a… Read more »

Welcome Fall with These Cool-Weather Cocktails

Fall is the perfect season for cocktails. Warming liquors and fall flavors work well together and tend to suit the mood of seasonal gatherings. If you are hosting a party this fall, impress your guests with by asking your bartender to serve up some of these seasonally-inspired cocktails. Pumpkin Martinis People are split on the… Read more »

Turning Your Favorite Wine into a Tasty Cocktail

If you love sipping a glass of your favorite white, red, or rose, then wine cocktails could be the right choice for you when you want something a little different. Wine can make a surprising and tasty base for cocktails when you’re in the mood for serving up a departure from the standard liquor-based fare…. Read more »

Why You Should Hire a Professional Bartender for Your Next Party

For major events, like weddings or 50th anniversary parties, hiring a bartender seems like a no-brainer. However, when many people throw smaller events, they skip the bartender in favor of a messy counter full of bottles that their guests mix up, or they spend the entire party serving up drinks themselves, missing all of the… Read more »