Why You Should Hire a Professional Bartender for Your Next Party

For major events, like weddings or 50th anniversary parties, hiring a bartender seems like a no-brainer. However, when many people throw smaller events, they skip the bartender in favor of a messy counter full of bottles that their guests mix up, or they spend the entire party serving up drinks themselves, missing all of the fun. In reality, even if you’re having a more intimate event, a bartender should be on your guest list. There are many advantages to hiring a professional bartender for all of your parties. Here are some of the reasons that you’ll never be sorry that you hired a bartender.

Buy the Right Amount of Alcohol

The only thing worse than overspending on alcohol for a party is discovering in the middle of the event that you didn’t buy enough. Professional bartenders are skilled in determining how much you will need to satisfy your guest list comfortably without buying more than you actually need. This alone could help you save more money than you actually spend hiring a bartender.

Be a Guest at Your Party

The reason to throw a party is to get to spend time with your guests. You can’t do that if you’re on drink duty all night. Let a bartender take over serving drinks, so you can be a good host to your guests. Both you and your guests will enjoy the party a lot more when you actually get to take part.

Avoid Over-Serving

When guests pour their own drinks, they tend to pour too much. This not only makes the drink less tasty, but it also leads to a serious situation of over-serving. Bartenders know how to serve up the right amount of alcohol, per drink and per person. If any guests are getting too rowdy, they can simply hold back on their pours to smooth things over.

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