Basic Types of Beers for Your Next Event


There are certain details you should know before choosing what types of beer you will provide for your next event. For starters, you should understand the differences between lagers and ales as well as stouts, bocks, and malts. Feel free to read ahead and learn how to differentiate between these basic styles.


Most types of beers are either lagers or ales, and there are a few key differences that set them apart. Lagers are fermented over a long period of time in a cold setting, and the yeasts sink to the bottom of the barrel when fermenting. Beer enthusiasts – as well as brewers, manufacturers, and distributors – will be quick to tell you that lagers are crisper, lighter, and more refreshing. Many of the most popular modern beers available are lagers, making them a great choice for your next event. They also tend to be ‘drinkable’, which is helpful for those who are new to beer. Keep in mind that lagers may also be more carbonated than ales, so try not to shake before drinking.


While lagers are extremely popular in modern society, ales have been around for far longer. Ales offer interesting aromas and complex tastes where lagers offer crispness and drinkability. They are brewed over shorter durations of time in warmer conditions, and the yeast stays at the top of the mix. The influx of craft breweries has opened the market to IPAs, or India Pale Ales, which have more hops and greater alcohol content thanks to additional pale malts. Stouts and porters, which are thicker and darker than other beers, are also of the ale family.

Beer, mixed drinks, and straight liquors all have their own benefits and drawbacks. No matter what you need for your event, please do not hesitate to call Professional Bartenders Unlimited at (520) 721-1577. You can also head over to our website to check out our bar package options.