Beat the Heat with These Cool Cocktails

As outdoor temperatures warm up and the days slowly get longer, there is no denying that summer is on its way. If you want to kick back and keep cool this summer, you may want to start making a list of your favorite warm-weather cocktail recipes. With a refreshing beverage in hand, you are sure to find the summer heat less bothersome. Here is a look at three cool cocktails that will help you beat the heat.


Gin and TonicFresh Mint Mojito

While a gin and tonic is a timeless beverage, you may want to consider giving this drink a modern twist during the summer season. Distilleries have started unusual flavors of gin that are infused with cucumber, herbs, or spices. For an extra refreshing twist on a classic summertime favorite, you can choose to muddle limes and cucumbers into the bottom of your gin and tonic glass.



If you want to go south of the border with your seasonal drink selections, the mojito may fit the bill. The mojito can trace its roots back to Cuba, where bartenders would mix fresh mint, sugar cane, rum, and club soda. With its bubbly base and refreshing mint flavor, the mojito will definitely help you keep cool.


Pimms Cup

The Pimms cup is finding its way onto many modern cocktail menus. This iconic British beverage is based on the interesting flavors of Pimm’s No. 1 liquor. Your bartender will mix Pimm’s liquor with gin, ginger beer, cucumber slices, and lemon. With its botanical notes, the Pimm’s cup is an idea cocktail to serve at a summer garden party.


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