The Beginner’s Guide to Seasonal Cocktails

A cocktail is the perfect refresher at the end of a long day. As the seasons change, so do the types of cocktails that are enjoyed by connoisseurs across the country. While mulled cider may seem like the ideal treat on a chilly winter’s day, this warm cocktail may seem out of place if it is served during the summer season. To help you perfect your cocktail order, read this beginner’s guide to seasonal cocktails.

Spring: The Pimm’s Cup

When the winter transitions into spring, you may find yourself craving cocktails that can be enjoyed outdoors. A classic spring cocktail is the Pimm’s cup, which is a go-to choice for English gardeners. Pimm’s is a citrusy and herbal liquor that is made in Britain. When mixed with lemonade and cucumber slices, Pimm’s transforms into a refreshing and herbal beverage.

Summer: Margarita

During the summer months, your cocktail order can help you beat the heat. When you are ordering a drink during the summer season, you may want to choose a frozen or blended beverage. The margarita, which hails from Mexico, is the perfect hot weather cocktail. A perfect blend of lime, tequila, and triple sec creates a tangy and balanced drink that will cool you down.

Fall and Winter: Mulled Wine

A cozy, warm beverage is the perfect accompaniment to a fall or winter day. During the upcoming fall season, you may want to try mulled wine. The iconic recipe for mulled wine calls for equal parts wine and apple cider, which are simmered slowly with a mix of holiday spices.

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