Celebrate New Year’s Eve with These Fresh Cocktails

Toasting to the new year with a glass of champagne is tradition during the moments after midnight, but the rest of your night can be filled with all kinds of delicious cocktails. Champagne might be the classic go-to option, you won’t want to miss out on the sparkling wine sangria. Keep reading and celebrate New Year’s Eve with these fresh cocktails.


A mimosa is typically made of one part orange juice and one part champagne, with both ingredients chilled and mixed. It’s a stirred drink, and it may be garnished with berries or grenadine. If you want to get a little more creative, add more orange and raspberry flavors into the mix. An orange and raspberry mimosa adds more to the fruity flavor and creates a nice pink color.


If you’re a minimalist and you like drinks with just a couple of ingredients, try blood orange soda and white wine to turn your mimosa into something just a bit classier. Blood orange soda sangria’s sweet, tart taste makes it a great drink for sipping. You can also try a Spanish sparkling wine like Cava with fruit garnish, another great sangria choice if you’re over the champagne craze.


Who says all cocktails must be alcoholic? If your New Year’s Eve celebration is meant to be family friendly, you can always make a virgin Bellini. A virgin pomegranate and cranberry Bellini requires little more than pomegranate juice and cranberry juice. Add in simple syrup, sparkling water, a couple of sliced limes, and fresh mint for garnish. The adults at the party can always add their own alcohol to their drinks as well.
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