Drinks Inspired By Pop Culture

Movies, TV shows, and books influence many aspects of our daily lives. From how we dress to what we eat, some of our favorite trends are inspired by popular culture. When you are setting up bartending services for your event, you may want to add a touch of fun to your party by serving drinks that are inspired by pop culture. Here is a look at some pop culture inspired drinks that are sure to be a hit with your guests.


The Goblet of Fire

The Harry Potter series of books and movies is popular with people of all ages. If you want to encourage your older guests to channel their inner wizards, you may want to serve The Goblet of Fire at your party. This Harry Potter themed drink combines blue Curacao, vodka, Bacardi 151, and cinnamon to create a flaming cocktail that is sure to grab the attention of your guests.

burning cocktail

The Yoshi

Video game characters have also inspired their own signature cocktails. If you are a fan of Super Mario Brothers, you might want to stock up on the ingredients that are used to make The Yoshi. This bright green drink uses apple pucker, melon liqueur, lime juice, and apple juice to achieve a color that matches its namesake.


The Blue Sky

Walter White, who was our favorite anti-hero in Breaking Bad, gained notoriety through his bright blue concoctions. Fans of this popular drama are sure to get a kick out of The Blue Sky, which is a bright blue cocktail that is created by mixing UV Blue liqueur with Sprite. For an extra touch of flair, you can consider serving your Breaking Bad-inspired drink in an Erlenmeyer flask.


At Professional Bartenders Unlimited, we will be thrilled to help you create custom cocktails that are inspired by your favorite characters. Whether you are planning a birthday party, wedding, or other special event, our bartenders for hire will be happy to serve you. Call (520) 721-1577 to set up a consultation with our Tucson bartending company.