Drinks to Remind You that Spring Is in the Air

If it’s time to open up the windows and let the refreshing air come in, it’s time to open up the liquor cabinet and make a springtime cocktail too. You can forget about wintertime drinks like White Russians for a while, and instead turn to something a bit more appropriate for the season. Here are some drinks to remind you that spring is in the air.

Rosewater Cointreau Fizz

What’s more representative of springtime than flowers? The Rosewater Cointreau Fizz is a versatile drink that can be based around orange blossom water or lavender essence if roses aren’t your favorite. Start by filling a glass with ice and adding 30 milliliters of Cointreau. Then add a teaspoon of rosewater and two of raspberry juice, and then add some lime juice. Mix your ingredients with a spoon, add soda water, and garnish the drink with flowers for a delicious springtime treat.

Blackberry Mint Mojito

Another popular fruity drink is the Blackberry Mint Mojito, and the trick to making it delicious is to use fresh ingredients. Mix a pint of blackberries with a half cup of water to make the blackberry juice, then strain it and take out the seeds. Add mint leaves and half a lime worth of lime juice, topped off with soda water. Then add your ice and two ounces each of rum and blackberry juice, then add more soda water and stir.

Blueberry Gin Sour

If blueberries and gin are more your style, try a Blueberry Gin Sour. Start by muddling lemon juice, blueberries, and syrup or sugar in a glass. Strain the juice into a shaker and add your gin as well as your bitters and egg whites. Shake and strain the cocktail into glasses with ice.


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