Drinks to Serve When Alcohol Is Not on the Menu

Although a bar is non-negotiable at some events, alcohol is not the right ingredient for every gathering. Whether you are planning a completely dry event or simply want to offer a robust selection of non-alcoholic options for your guests who don’t drink, there are plenty of drink options you can pick for your alcohol-free drink menu. Here are some ideas.

Fruit Juices

Fruit juices that often get relegated to mixers can easily stand on their own without alcohol. Although some guests may enjoy a simple, fresh-squeezed class of orange juice, having a variety of juices allows your bartender to mix up a number of different, non-alcoholic concoctions and flavor combinations. Mixing fruit juices with seltzer water also gives your bartender the chance to whip up different tastes, such as cranberry sparklers, with seltzer, cranberry juice, and lime.


Smoothies give your guests who aren’t drinking a rich, sweet treat. All your bartender needs to mix up some smoothies is fruit—fresh or frozen—ice, and fruit juice or milk. Consider letting your guests come up with their fruit mixtures, or create a signature smoothie that will be served during your event. A signature smoothie makes it easier to stock up on the fruit and other ingredients you’ll need.


Serve up the taste of popular cocktails, minus the alcohol content. From cosmopolitans to pina coladas, every favorite cocktail can be turned into a mocktail without the need to extra ingredients. Settle on a few favorites you want to offer at your event, to make it easy for your bartender to keep them coming to your guests.

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