Drinks You’ll Want to Serve at Your Summer Parties

The summer season is about to arrive, and now is a fantastic time to start planning all of your seasonal parties. When you are planning a summer party, it is a great idea to hire professional bartending services. With the help of your bartenders, you can create delicious and seasonally appropriate beverages that all of your guests will love. To help you get ready for your summer get together, here is a look at some drinks that you will want to serve at your summer parties.

Chilled Sangria

On a hot summer’s day, nothing beats the heat like a delicious, chilled cocktail. One summer beverage that you may want to consider for your summer parties is a chilled sangria. Sangria is a beverage that incorporates fruit, wine, and sparkling water. With a delicious sangria beverage, you can help your guests stay cool.


A mojito is a classic warm weather beverage that traces its origins to Cuba. When making a mojito, a bartender will start by muddling mint, lime, and cane sugar at the bottom of a highball glass. This mixture is topped with rum, club soda, and ice to create the ultimate refreshing cocktail for a hot day.


If you are seeking some south of the border flair for your summer party, you may want to ask your bartender to serve margaritas. The margarita is a simple beverage that is crafted from tequila, lime juice, and orange liquor. To provide extra flair to your margaritas, you may also want to include a signature ingredient, such as watermelon juice.
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