How to Stock a Mobile Bar

When you are planning your next event, there are many decisions to be made. Whether you are hosting a corporate function or having a party at your home, you’ll need to figure out who to invite, a theme for the party, and what to serve your guests. The food and beverages at an event can make or break a party, and you don’t want to risk running out of things to eat and drink. Hiring a professional bartender can take the pressure off of you so that you can mingle and enjoy your party, instead of manning the bar or being stuck in the kitchen. Read on to learn how to stock a mobile bar.

Beer and Wine

You can decide what sort of adult beverages you want to serve at your next event. Beer and wine are fairly standard, and can work well for an event in the daytime or at night. Typically, beer and wine is the most economical choice for stocking a bar, and you can offer a few different choices within the two categories. Choose at least one lighter and one more full-bodied beer to give your guests options, as well as both red and white wines to suit different preferences.


If you want to serve liquor at your event, consider the season and your region to determine what you need the most of. Vodka is one of the most popular choices year-round, while gin is ordered more often in the summer. Think about the demographics of your guests too, as older attendees tend to prefer scotch or bourbon.


Mixers are especially important if you are serving liquor, but can also double as soft drinks for your guests who choose not to imbibe. Cola, lemon-lime soda, tonic water, juices, and soda water are common choices. Smaller cans will take up less space than two-liter bottles, and will be easier to clean up at the end of an event.

The experienced beverage caterers at Professional Bartenders Unlimited can help you choose the right beverage package for your next event. Contact us at (520) 721-1577 when you’re planning your party in Tucson to find out how we can assist you.