How to Taste Scotch Like a Pro

Glass of scotch whiskey and ice

There’s a difference between drinking and tasting, and the latter can be more enjoyable if you know how to do it right. You’ll need a certain type of glass and the right technique so you can enjoy the aromas as well as the taste. Ahead you will learn how to taste scotch like a professional.

Find the Right Glass

You might associate straight liquor with shot glasses, but in order to get the full taste of scotch you will need a different type of glass, like a wine glass. You can then, however, grab a shot glass to measure out about an ounce and a half of scotch and transfer it into your glass. You can swirl the scotch inside a larger glass without spilling it, which is not what shot glasses are designed for.

Start with the Aroma

As you swirl the scotch in your glass, you get a sense of the texture of the liquid without even bringing it near your face. Once the vapors have had a chance to stir, tilt the rim towards your nose and bring the glass about an inch away from your face. You can experiment with different positions as you slowly breathe in the vapors and identify some of the notes that your scotch has to offer. After smelling or “nosing” your drink, you can move onto taste.

Hold It In

What many people don’t realize about tasting scotch is that you should hold it on your tongue before swallowing it. Even just a small sip will be enough for you to experience the scotch’s many flavors. After about ten seconds of holding it in, you can swallow your whisky and enjoy a smooth sensation.

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