Learn the Difference Between Scotch, Whisky, & Bourbon

When your personal bartender is creating a custom cocktail menu for your next party, he may offer drinks that are crafted with scotch, whisky, or bourbon. Learning the differences between these three types of liquor will help you transform from a novice cocktail enthusiast to an experienced connoisseur. Scotch, whisky, and bourbon offer different flavor profiles, and are also produced using very different methods. Let’s take some time to learn the differences between scotch, whisky, and bourbon.


When whisky is produced in the country of Scotland, it is referred to as Scotch. In fact, Scotland produces dozens of different types of Scotch that are enjoyed all around the world. Scotch is often characterized by its peaty aroma and flavor, which is created by creating a smoky peat fire that is used to dry out the malt once it has been processed.


Whisky is a fermented spirit that is made from a distilled mash of different types of grain. Wheat, rye, corn, and barley are all types of grains that are suitable for the production of whisky. When whisky is produced in Europe, it is spelled “whisky,” whereas domestic liquor that is made in America is usually spelled “whiskey.” Each variety of whisky has unique characteristics of aroma, flavor, and color.


Bourbon is the drink of choice for many cocktail lovers. For a beverage to qualify as a bourbon, its mash must contain no less than 51 percent corn. Authentic bourbons are crafted in the Kentucky bourbon region. Bourbon is cherished for its rich flavor and oaky aroma.

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