Look Back at the History of Bartending

Bartending is an ancient practice that can trace its roots back to the Greek and Roman eras. When you hire a bartender to serve at your next party, he or she will rely on centuries of traditions in order to craft the perfect cocktails for your guests. The history of bartending can shed some light on the important role that bartenders play in our society. Here is a quick look back at some of the highlights in the history of bartending throughout the ages.

Bartending in Early History
The first bartenders can be found in the ancient era, when Greek and Roman revelers relied on expert craftsman to pour their favorite drinks. Throughout the decades and centuries, bartenders continued to master their craft. By the 15th century, bartenders throughout Europe were primarily known as innkeepers, and these professionals typically produced their own spirits and ales.

Bartending During the Prohibition Era
After the rise of the cocktail in the early 20th century, Americans were faced with prohibition laws from the Federal government. However, bartending culture remained alive throughout prohibition. Working in underground speakeasies, bartenders continued to provide their patrons with delicious cocktails. In fact, familiar cocktails, such as the gin and tonic, were invented during the Prohibition Era.

Bartending in Modern Times
Bartending remains a notable profession to this very day. After prohibition was overturned, many bars and cocktail lounges opened up across the United States. Bartending schools were opened so that bartenders were able to produce consistently delicious beverages. When you hire a bartender for your next party, you can rest assured that you will receive delicious drinks from a highly trained and experienced professional.

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