How to Make the Perfect Martini

The martini is an iconic cocktail that has retained its popularity throughout many generations. Whether you prefer a very dry gin martini or a dirty vodka martini, there are many ways to make this classic drink. When you order a martini at a bar, your bartender will craft your beverage with the utmost care. In order to highlight the true flavor of the spirits, a martini must be made with several key tips in mind. Read on for more tips on how to make the perfect martini.

Choose the Best Ingredients

A great martini starts with its ingredients. When you are planning on pouring a martini, you will need to start by selecting the best liquor and spirits that are available. While gin is a classic choice for the martini, some cocktail connoisseurs prefer to have martinis that are made from vodka. Along with your choice of spirit, you will also need to find high quality dry vermouth.

Stir or Swirl Gently

Contrary to popular belief, a martini should always be stirred, rather than shaken. When gin and vermouth are shaken in a cocktail shaker, their flavor can be compromised. To maintain the pure flavor of the liquor, you can instead gently stir the spirit after it has been poured over ice. Stirring will chill the beverage, without changing its flavor.

Choose the Right Glass

The final step of crafting a perfect martini is to choose the correct glass. Classically—and not surprisingly—martinis have always been served in martini glasses. The wide mouth of a martini glass allows the beverage to be sipped and enjoyed slowly. Additionally, the stem of the martini glass prevents the drink from being heated by the warmth of the drinker’s hand.

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