Pairing Different Alcohols with Food

Food and drink pairings can help take your special event to the next level of excellence. Whether you are gearing up for a summer wedding, or you are preparing for your first major outdoor barbecue of the season, you will want to think carefully about how your dishes will combine with your cocktails and other drinks of choice. To help you prepare a bar menu with your bartenders, here are some tips for pairing different alcohols with food.

Negronis and Robust Cheeses

If you are planning a cheese course for your dinner party, you may want to think beyond the conventional pairing of wine and cheese. Certain cocktails, such as the citrusy Negroni, pair beautifully with robust cheese, such as Parmesan or aged gouda. You can use the citrus flavor of Campari to highlight certain flavor profiles in your favorite cheeses.

Margaritas and Nachos

Margaritas are a classic cocktail to serve at a festive, summertime occasion. When you are seeking food to pair with your freshly shaken margaritas, you may want to look no further than nachos. With their warm, comforting cheese sauce and hearty, meat toppings, nachos are the perfect partner for limey margaritas.

French 75s and Fresh Fish

The French 75 is a classic cocktail that combines gin, champagne, and lemon juice. If your bartender is mixing up these bubbly refreshments for your party guests, you may want to pair this cocktail with a fish dish, such as ceviche. The bubbles in the French 75 will help to bring out the delicious and subtle flavors of the fresh fish.

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