Pairing Summer Beers with Your Favorite Foods

Nothing ties a picnic together like the perfect pairing of summertime beer and food. Although your options are endless, there are certain pairings that tend to work better than others. Keep reading for tips on pairing summer beers with your favorite foods.

Tacos and Ale

There is no wrong time for tacos, but the right combination of warm weather and summer beer can contribute to the perfect backyard celebration. If your tacos of choice happen to contain fish, you might be inclined to pair your meal with some sort of ale; the exact type might depend on your individual palette as well as the weather forecast. A pale ale might be a perfect companion for your fish tacos on a moderately warm day, but you might enjoy a beer with slightly less hops on those extra hot days. Add some salsa on the side of your dish, and you are in for a real summertime treat.

Pizza and IPAs

Much like tacos, pizza is an excellent example of a meal that can be enjoyed all year round. Your choices of pizza toppings are much like your options when it comes to IPAs: nearly endless. A nice summertime double IPA can make a great companion for your pizza, especially if it includes meat toppings.

Ice Cream and Stouts

If you have never enjoyed a pairing of beer and ice cream before, the concept may seem foreign to you. However, your favorite stout may work perfectly with your sundae. If you are feeling extra adventurous, consider mixing these two elements together for a relaxing summertime concoction.
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