Refreshing Beverages to Try on National Mojito Day

For summertime celebrations, few drinks are as refreshing and inviting as a mojito. Mojitos are such a part of summer that they even have their own holiday: National Mojito Day on July 11. Don’t let this occasion go by unrecognized. Here is a look at the history of the mojito and some drinks to try in honor of one of summer’s unofficial cocktails.

History of the Mojito

Like most cocktails, there is a great deal of debate surrounding the roots of the mojito. Its origins are in Cuba, and people believe that it dates back to 1586, when Sir Francis Drake entered Cuba looking for a medical remedy for the people on his ship who were sick with tropical illnesses. The story goes that Drake was given lime, mint, and sugarcane juice. Others believe that the drink originated with African slaves working in the sugar fields in Cuba in the 19th century. Ernest Hemingway is said to have been a fan of mojitos, though some biographers dispute that story.

Mojito Recipes

An original mojito is a simple recipe that involves mint leaves muddled with sugar and topped with lime, white rum, mint, and seltzer water. However, there are many variations on the theme. Putting your own twist on a mojito is easy and usually involves simply adding additional ingredients to the base recipe. Try these twists on the original mojito recipe to experience new flavors:

  • Add coconut water or use coconut-flavored rum
  • Replace half of the seltzer with champagne or prosecco
  • Add strawberries to the glass, with or without champagne
  • Stir in guava nectar
  • Mix raspberry puree into rum mixture
  • Add a splash of pineapple juice and some fresh pineapple

Mojitos can be made by the glass, but they are also easy to serve in pitchers, for the perfect party sip.

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