“Shaken, Not Stirred”: Learn the Different Types of Martinis

The martini is among the most iconic drinks that you can order from your bartender. However, there are dozens of different variations on this classic beverage. Before you order your next martini, take the time to learn the different options that are available for your drink of choice. Here is an essential guide to some of the different options for the classic martini.

Gin or Vodka

When you order your martini, one of the first questions that your bartender may ask is whether you prefer your drink to be made with gin or vodka. Traditionally, a martini is crafted with a combination of gin and dry vermouth. In recent decades, however, the vodka martini has been increasingly popular. Your choice of spirit will ultimately come down to whether you prefer the juniper flavor of gin or the refreshing taste of vodka.

Dirty or With a Twist

Your bartender may also ask you whether you would like to have your martini crafted dirty or with a twist. A dirty martini is made with a splash of olive juice, which transforms the beverage into a savory concoction. If you would prefer a light, citrusy drink, consider ordering your martini with a twist of lemon peel.

Shaken or Stirred

Finally, you can ask your bartender to either shake your martini in a cocktail shaker or stir its contents gently before pouring. There are different schools of thought as to which method is best for making a martini. A shaken martini is often colder, and contains small pieces of ice. Stirred martinis are smoother, and retain more of the flavor of the liquor.

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