Should You Have an Open Bar at Your Wedding?

There are many reasons to offer or not offer an open bar at your wedding. You may want a variety of drinks to enjoy, or you may prefer to keep your options simple. Look below to learn if you should or should not have an open bar at your wedding.

Yes, you enjoy a variety of drinks.

If you and your significant other enjoy alcohol or want a variety of drinks on hand, then an open bar may be the best addition to your wedding reception. You two, and your guests, can enjoy different alcohols, mixed drinks, and mocktails throughout your big night with the help of a qualified bartender and an open bar.

Yes, you want to treat your guests.

An open bar, in addition to great music and tasty food, is a great way to thank your guests for attending your wedding and providing gifts to help your new life as a married couple. If you provide an open bar, then your guests do not have to worry about paying for their drinks or limiting their choices. They can simply enjoy the party and help you celebrate your nuptials.

No, you are not a fan of alcohol.

You and your significant other may not enjoy alcohol as much as others, or you may have religious or moral obligations to refrain from drinking alcohol. These are very valid reasons to forego having an open bar at your wedding. Be aware, however, that many states require a licensed bartender on the premises even if the wedding will not have alcohol.

No, you wish to keep a low budget.

If you are trying to keep your wedding costs low, then you may refrain from offering an open bar. However, you can still offer alcohol for your guests while keeping your costs low. You may offer drink tickets or set up a cash bar.


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