Stocking the Bar for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a stressful task for both bride and groom. In order to ensure that all of your guests have a fantastic time during your ceremony, you will want to take special care when you are hiring your bartenders. From signature cocktails to classic beverages, your bartenders can whip of a variety of libations that all of your guests are sure to enjoy. Let’s explore some essential tips to keep in mind when you are stocking the bar for your wedding.

Beer and Wine

Beer and wine are a must for any wedding celebration. If you and your spouse are wine lovers, you may want to select varieties of red and white wine that will be the centerpiece of your wedding bar. Since no celebration is complete without champagne, you will also want to talk to your bartending service about what types of bubbles to serve at your reception.


As you are stocking the bar for your wedding, you will have the option of providing your guests with a full bar, or serving one or two specific cocktails. A professional bartender can create a special cocktail that matches the style and theme of your wedding. A light and refreshing cocktail, such as a mint julep, is a terrific themed cocktail for a summer wedding.


Since some of your guests may not want to consume alcohol during the reception, you will also want to stock plenty of mixers. Soda and juice can be consumed on their own or mixed with liquor to create cocktails. To provide non-drinking guests with a bubbly treat, you may also want to have sparkling apple cider in stock.

At Professional Bartenders Unlimited, we will be able to help you plan the perfect wedding for your bar. When you hire our bartenders, you can rest assured that we will take care of every step of planning out and serving drinks on your special day. Call our Tucson location at (520) 721-1577 to set up a consultation for your upcoming wedding.