Take a Look at the Best Cocktails for a Spring BBQ

Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get ready for barbecue season. The right cocktails can make any event a bit more relaxing and fun, so start thinking about which ones you’ll have at your first spring party. Keep reading and see at the best cocktails for a spring BBQ.


Daiquiris are versatile drinks, so you can play around with different flavors to find the best version for your taste. The featured spirit in daiquiris is rum, and traditionally the drink only features rum and lime juice shaken with ice, but you can play around with other flavor combinations. A cranberry daiquiri is tasty and refreshing, and it typically includes cranberry and lime juices and elderflower syrup in addition to rum. You can also use St. Germain Liqueur as an alternative to elderflower syrup.


You might like making pitchers of drinks rather than putting them together individually, and in this case margaritas may be perfect for your spring BBQ. A strawberry basil margarita is a refreshing twist on a classic, and it will bring the fresh flavors of spring to your celebration.


If you’re looking for something as simple as it is refreshing for your spring BBQ cocktail, you can always treat yourself to a screwdriver. All you really need for this drink is orange juice and vodka. Throw in a couple of ice cubes and mix them together, and you have a delicious alcoholic beverage to keep you cool and relaxed during your spring get togethers. You can also feel free to add your own ingredients and create variations of this classic drink.


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