The Different Types of Whiskey

glass of whisky on a wood background

Whiskey tends to be a more sophisticated drink, and as such there are a few important rules that help define the different types. Malt, grain, and bourbon whiskey make up some of the most popular types of whiskey, and it helps to be able to differentiate them so you can choose the right drink for your mood and taste. Keep reading for an overview of the different types of whiskey.


Whiskeys typically get their names from the location where they were distilled and the types of ingredients that are added. As far as malt whiskey is concerned, it typically comes out of Scotland. A malt whiskey will undergo at least two distillations. After that, it is left in oak casks for several years in order to mature; this process typically lasts for three or more years. If the aging cask has never been used before, the whiskey is referred to as a single malt.


Like malt whiskey, grain whiskey often comes from Scotland; however, it may come from Ireland as well. Corn and wheat can both be used in grain whiskeys, but wheat tends to be the first choice. Grain whiskey is not left to mature for very long, and it is typically found in blends.


If the term “bourbon” makes you think of Kentucky, you might already know a bit about the different types of whiskey. Bourbon mixtures may be made up of barley, wheat, and rye, and they will always contain more than half corn. In addition, true bourbon is always aged in fresh oak barrels.

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