Tips for Hosting the Perfect High School Reunion

High school reunions give old friends and classmates a chance to catch up with each other and find out how everyone from high school has been doing. If you’re the host, it’s up to you to decide where it will be held and get the arrangements together. Hiring a bartender can make the whole process easier. Here are some tips for hosting the perfect high school reunion.

Find a Venue

Some graduating classes are 500 people strong, while others are closer to 50. If you’re in charge of planning your high school reunion, start by thinking about how many people you expect to show up. This will help you decide what kind of venue you need to hold the volume of people that will be attending. Bars tend to be popular choices for high school reunions, but you can also hire a bartender and host the event at a different venue to create a similar effect.

Stay Organized

Hosting a high school reunion can be a big deal, and there are a lot of factors to consider. On top of finding a venue you’ll have to keep in touch with the whole graduating class to keep everyone in the loop, and you’ll have to handle entertainment as well. Think up a plan and do your best to stick to a schedule to stay completely organized.

Hire a Bartender

A lot of the people who will run into each other at their high school reunion celebration will not have seen each other in a long time. By hiring a bartender, you make it a little easier for people to get outside of their typical comfort zones and interact with one another. Plus, you won’t have to worry about serving drinks yourself and can instead focus on the many other aspects of hosting a reunion party.


A professional bartender can ensure that everyone is comfortable at your event, so hiring one can make your high school reunion a blast. Call Professional Bartenders Unlimited at (520) 721-1577 or check out our website for details about our company.