Tropical Party Planning Tips

When summer rolls around, what’s a better way to celebrate the season than throwing a tropical party? Complete with island-inspired décor, food, and drinks, a tropical party will help all of your guests embrace the laid-back vibe of the beach life. Let your bartenders know that you’ll need a menu of warm-weather cocktail picks and try these tips to kick-start your tropical party theme.

Set the Stage

Tropical parties are all about bright, bold colors. Incorporate the blue of the ocean with the standout colors of tropical blooms. Anchor your colors with green inspired by tropical palms and brown that mimics the sand. Set out vases of tropical flowers, and use coconuts as pieces of décor. Tiki lights or colorful lanterns are a good touch for a nighttime party. Shells and coral also make on-theme additions to your table settings.

Build a Tropical Cocktail Menu

The tropics and cocktails go hand-in-hand, so make sure some island favorites are on your bar menu. A selection of daiquiris, from traditional flavors like classic lime and strawberry to blends of mango, coconut, and other tropical fruits, are sure to be a hit with your guests. Popular beers from tropical regions are also a good fit for a tropical bar menu for the guests who choose to forgo the daiquiris.

Plan Theme-Inspired Games

An island-vibe playlist is a must for a tropical party, but keep your guests entertained with games too. Limbo is a beach favorite and can make a fun diversion for your guests. Set up a volleyball net for pseudo-beach volleyball or have a game of trivia with facts about the tropics with a prize for the winner.


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