Try These Refreshing Cocktails for Your Spring Wedding

The spring season is a terrific time to plan a gorgeous outdoor wedding. As you are getting ready for your wedding this spring, you will want to work with your bartenders to create a cocktail menu that celebrates the season. Light, thirst-quenching cocktails are sure to refresh your guests during your memorable spring wedding. Let’s take a look at three refreshing spring cocktails that you may want to consider serving at your wedding reception.


The Bourbini

The Bourbini is an effervescent drink that highlights the flavors of the south. In order to create a Bourbini, your bartender will mix bourbon with peach bitters and premium peach liqueur. The bourbon and peach elements are shaken in a cocktail shaker with crushed ice and then strained into a champagne flute. To top off the beverage, your bartender will add a few ounces of champagne and a sprig of mint.


The Parasol

If the weather during your spring wedding starts to heat up, your guests are sure to reach for the Parasol cocktail. The Parasol is the signature cocktail of Chicago’s Paris Club, and this drink will add sophistication to your event. In order to create a Parasol, your bartender will combine Lillet Blanc, St. Germain, honey, and lemon juice. A splash of sparkling wine tops off this one of a kind beverage.


Pimm’s Cup

A Pimm’s Cup is a popular springtime and summertime beverage in England. This herbaceous concoction combines Pimm’s liqueur, ginger ale, cucumber, and mint to create a light beverage that will quench your thirst and enliven your spirits. The Pimm’s Cup can be served in either a highball or lowball glass.


To start planning the cocktails for your wedding reception, contact Professional Bartenders Unlimited. Our team of skilled bartenders can provide you with services during your wedding, and we can also help you plan out a custom cocktail menu for your reception. To begin planning all of the signature drinks that you will serve at your wedding this spring, give our bartenders a call at (520) 721-1577.