Watching Your Calories? Try These Delicious, Low-Carb Beverages

When you’re counting calories, cocktails and other alcoholic beverages don’t have to be off the menu. The key is selecting the right drinks to meet your goals. If you’re hosting a party and want the bar to be stocked for calorie-conscious guests, talk to your beverage catering company about making sure they have everything to serve up these low-carb drinks.


Chances are that you don’t think of wine and low-carb in the same sentence, but wine is lower in carbs than you may think. If you opt for a five-ounce pour, you will have between three and four carbs per glass. Sauvignon blanc has the lowest carb count of white wine, at about 2.7 grams of net carbs per glass, while pinot noir is the lowest carb red, with 3.4 grams of net carbs.

Vodka Soda

A simple vodka soda isn’t as complex as many cocktails, but it still gives you the feeling of actually having a cocktail without the huge amount of sugar many of them have. A vodka soda, which simply mixes vodka and soda water, has no carbs at all, so it is a friendly option if you plan to have more than one drink but don’t want to knock back a lot of carbs. Add a slice of lime for some additional flavor. You can keep the carb count similarly low by selecting another liquor—gin, bourbon, and rum also have no carbs. If you’re bored of soda water, another twist on the vodka soda is to use a flavored diet soda instead of the water.

Light Beer

Beer doesn’t have to be the bane of carb-conscious drinkers. If you choose a light beer, you can get a low-calorie drink that only has a few grams of net carbs. There are also beers that are specifically low carb, but they can be higher in calories than light beers.

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