Author: Professional Bartenders Unlimited

Spotlight on Arizona’s Unofficial State Cocktail: The Tequila Sunrise

The Tequila Sunrise isn’t just a favorite cocktail order in Arizona. It was also one of the most popular cocktails of the 1970s, thanks to its ubiquitous support among some of the biggest rockers of the day. Here is the inside story of the drink that so many bartenders in Arizona have been mixing up… Read more »

Tropical Party Planning Tips

stocking a bar

When summer rolls around, what’s a better way to celebrate the season than throwing a tropical party? Complete with island-inspired décor, food, and drinks, a tropical party will help all of your guests embrace the laid-back vibe of the beach life. Let your bartenders know that you’ll need a menu of warm-weather cocktail picks and… Read more »

How to Choose the Perfect Beer Selection for Your Wedding

When it comes to choosing alcohol for a wedding, many people focus on picking liquor and wines, but there’s no reason to leave beer on the back burner. Many brides and grooms—and their guests—are beer aficionados, so don’t make beer an afterthought. As you narrow down the selection of brews you want your bartender to… Read more »

Drinks to Serve When Alcohol Is Not on the Menu

Although a bar is non-negotiable at some events, alcohol is not the right ingredient for every gathering. Whether you are planning a completely dry event or simply want to offer a robust selection of non-alcoholic options for your guests who don’t drink, there are plenty of drink options you can pick for your alcohol-free drink… Read more »

Which Cocktails Are Trending Right Now?

There are some cocktails that come and go, and there are some that stay at the top of the charts for generations at a time. The Mojito, Bloody Mary, and Whiskey Sour probably all sound familiar, because they’ve been trending for so long. Keep reading and see why these cocktails are still so popular right… Read more »