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Helpful Tips for Serving Alcohol at a Business Event


As long as everyone is responsible, serving alcohol at a business event can be appropriate and fun. However, it is important to establish your policy on alcohol use, and be sure to provide your employees with food, soda, and other non-alcoholic beverages. You should also hire bartenders to serve the alcohol responsibly. Here is a… Read more »

Knowing How Much Alcohol to Serve at Your Wedding

Your wedding should be a time to loosen up, have fun, and socialize with your friends and family. If you plan on serving alcohol at your wedding, you should have some idea of how much to purchase. Keep reading if you are wondering how much alcohol to serve at your wedding. Look at Your Guest… Read more »

Pairing Summer Beers with Your Favorite Foods

Nothing ties a picnic together like the perfect pairing of summertime beer and food. Although your options are endless, there are certain pairings that tend to work better than others. Keep reading for tips on pairing summer beers with your favorite foods. Tacos and Ale There is no wrong time for tacos, but the right… Read more »

Fabulous Mocktails for Your Child’s Birthday Celebration

Alcohol is only meant for use by responsible adults, but your children don’t need to be left out entirely. A mocktail is a version of a cocktail that leaves the alcohol out, so your kids can feel included in a safe way. Here is a look at some fabulous mocktails for your child’s birthday celebration…. Read more »

Finding the Perfect Signature Cocktail for Your Wedding

The summer season is right around the corner, and now is the time when many couples will be planning their wedding festivities. When you are preparing for your big day, you will have many factors to consider. With the help of your professional bartenders, you can create a signature cocktail for your guests to enjoy…. Read more »