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Drinks You’ll Want to Serve at Your Summer Parties

The summer season is about to arrive, and now is a fantastic time to start planning all of your seasonal parties. When you are planning a summer party, it is a great idea to hire professional bartending services. With the help of your bartenders, you can create delicious and seasonally appropriate beverages that all of… Read more »

Top 5 Drinks to Have for a Party

When you are in the midst of planning a party, you have many decisions to make. You’ll have to figure out how many people you’re having, who you want to invite, what food you’ll serve your guests, and whether to hire a professional bartender. A professional bartender lets you relax and enjoy your party instead… Read more »

How to Stock a Mobile Bar

stocking a bar

When you are planning your next event, there are many decisions to be made. Whether you are hosting a corporate function or having a party at your home, you’ll need to figure out who to invite, a theme for the party, and what to serve your guests. The food and beverages at an event can… Read more »

How to Make the Perfect Martini

The martini is an iconic cocktail that has retained its popularity throughout many generations. Whether you prefer a very dry gin martini or a dirty vodka martini, there are many ways to make this classic drink. When you order a martini at a bar, your bartender will craft your beverage with the utmost care. In… Read more »