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Which Cocktails Are Trending Right Now?

There are some cocktails that come and go, and there are some that stay at the top of the charts for generations at a time. The Mojito, Bloody Mary, and Whiskey Sour probably all sound familiar, because they’ve been trending for so long. Keep reading and see why these cocktails are still so popular right… Read more »

Drinks to Remind You that Spring Is in the Air

If it’s time to open up the windows and let the refreshing air come in, it’s time to open up the liquor cabinet and make a springtime cocktail too. You can forget about wintertime drinks like White Russians for a while, and instead turn to something a bit more appropriate for the season. Here are… Read more »

Tequila! Take a Look at How It’s Made

Tequila is one of the most popular spirits here in the Southwest, because it is produced by our neighbors to the south in Mexico. In fact, only the stuff that’s made in the area surrounding the town of Tequila can be called by that name, otherwise it will be labeled as mezcal—similar to the distinction… Read more »

Winter is Coming: The Best Cold-Weather Drinks for Your Event

Hosting a winter event does not mean you must put away the ice or chilled cocktail mixers. Your bartenders can bring a variety of cold-weather drinks—from hot toddies to champagne cocktails—to your upcoming event this winter. Let’s take a closer look. Champagne Cocktail Champagne cocktails are great for any type of event that might include… Read more »

“Shaken, Not Stirred”: Learn the Different Types of Martinis

The martini is among the most iconic drinks that you can order from your bartender. However, there are dozens of different variations on this classic beverage. Before you order your next martini, take the time to learn the different options that are available for your drink of choice. Here is an essential guide to some… Read more »